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Antoine Tava


Antoine TAVA is a Canadian based visual artist, muralist, painter and designer. Drawing from Pop Art, early 90's nostalgia, hip hop culture, Tava’s work is playful and evocative, covering a spectrum of themes from the poignantly political to the glossy allure of pop culture. Over the years, Tava’s paintings have been presented in front of international audiences, appearing in galleries all over Europe, the United States, and China. Back in his hometown of Montreal, his attention-grabbing murals have become a part of the urban landscape, captivating viewers with their larger-than-life presence.


Tava’s first forays into fashion began with a more DIY approach, starting by producing t-shirts and sweatshirts for his family and friends, streetwear-inspired merch donning his signature Screaming Heart. This heart-shaped logo quickly became one of Tava’s most recognizable characters, a symbol that reflects whatever the viewer sees in it — from an expression of joy, frustration, or passion, and there’s a Screaming Heart that lives inside us all. From designing and creating footwear, prints, original paintings, stickers, and more, Tava’s worked with many renowned brands, including Nike, TopShop, Vans, and Holt Renfrew, with more exciting projects on the horizon.

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