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Isabebelle Di Sante


Isabelle Di Sante, a Montréal-based multidisciplinary artist, blends her background in graphic design and marketing communications to create compelling visual narratives. Her latest project, "Urban Imprints," captures the intricate textures and designs of manhole covers through a surprising process: she strolls around the streets to locate visually interesting sewer grates, paints their surface, prints the designs onto paper, then scans and edits them digitally to create modern graphic posters.


The original prints, once a bi-product of this process, now hang proudly as a testament to one's love for their city. Isabelle's artistic endeavour has resonated with many, who appreciate the creativity and uniqueness of her work. With a playful, child-like curiosity and a dynamic approach to creativity, Isabelle's art invites people to see beauty in the overlooked.

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