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Matthew Belval


Matthew Belval is a Montréal based artist who discovered his passion for painting under the guidance of a Montérégie artist. Transitioning from formal artistic institutions, he immersed himself in the bohemian world, drawn to the plight of the homeless in Montréal.


In 2014, Belval initiated a compelling series of paintings portraying street life, often created live at La Rockette bar alongside fellow artists. Notably, in 2016, he launched the "Backstage" project, capturing artists both on and off the stage, and collaborated with Jacques Jacobus on an album cover.


His artistic journey expanded into film in 2018, contributing to the short film "La Porte." Since 2014, Matthew's work has been featured in fundraising events for esteemed foundations like Art Sida, Jacques Bouchard, and Le Groupe Perron.

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