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Nick Bodoin


Nick Bodoin's work is a poignant exploration of the artist's inner world, where lingering memories and unexplored dreams come to life on wood. Through his sculptural figurative works, Nick reveals the images that haunt his mind, from moments of nostalgia to hopes for the future.


In his work, Nick Bodoin questions the memories and emotions that remain deeply embedded in us, even when they are sometimes hard to let go of. He creates an intimate connection with the viewer by offering an in-depth look at the visions and sensations that inhabit his mind.


Nick's works stand out due to their unique technique of painting on wood, combining layers and cut-outs to provide a three-dimensional aspect to his creations. Each piece embodies an emotional connection between the artist and the viewer, inviting the latter to get lost in the eyes of his subjects and to feel the intensity of their gaze.


His paintings are an invitation to explore the deepest corners of the human mind and to understand the hidden stories within the depths of our psyche.

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