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Patrick Skals


Patrick Skals is a conceptual artist practicing out of Toronto, CA. Operating on the ethos of cerebral disruption, Patrick’s body of work titled In Other Words delivers a distinctive style that speaks volumes.


Patrick’s paintings fuse abstraction & commentary, intended to have one rethink and reframe common perspectives. By tackling psychocultural topics around mental health, identity, and belonging, the audience is encouraged to confront the evocative subjects with honest introspection.


Inspired by the “beautiful decay” of city walls, recycled paper is often utilized to create an organic textual element to the paintings. Applying pages from idea notebooks, it is Patrick's conviction that no ideas are wasted, and live on forever in the unseen backdrop of his works.


Authenticity is at the heart of each painting, feeling as impulsive as they do calculated. The viewer is invited to feel - and relate to - the vulnerability of an artist battling themself in a rapidly changing environment.


Patrick’s work can be found at juried shows, commercial galleries, and private collections throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

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