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Teetz is a Montreal-based contemporary urban artist. He found solace in creating art while battling addiction. His emotionally charged works have gained him recognition in the art world. Despite his struggles, this artist has become a prominent figure in the Montreal art scene.


His contemporary urban portraits have garnered attention for their unique blend of beauty and destruction. His work explores the raw and gritty side of city life, depicting subjects with an unflinching honesty that speaks to the viewer.

Recently, Teetz collaborated with a Montreal-based fashion designer MRKNTN to incorporate his artwork into clothing designs. Their innovative collaboration was a success and caught the attention of the fashion world. As a result, they were invited to showcase their work in Paris Fashion Week.


He has also collaborated with brands like Bombay Sapphire and House of Jimbo. His work will be featured in Rupaul's Drag Race this summer.


Teetz is always reminding us that even in our darkest moments, we can find beauty. Through his work, he has found a way to inspire others to find beauty in their struggles.

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